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MedViewer is a DICOM viewer and pre-processor of medical images designed to provide clinicians with a simple, fast and reliable interface to visualize and analyze anatomical information derived from medical images (CT, MRI, CBCT etc.) of the patient as well as prepare medical images for downstream surgical planning.



Enhance is an AI and computer vision-powered digital surgical planning platform designed and developed by Steroviz Pixels, that is intended to be used to visualise and analyse anatomical information derived from pre and post-operative medical images (CT, MRI etc) of the patient. Enhance aids surgeons and healthcare professionals to interactively visualise 2D medical images (CT, MRI etc) overlayed with 3D computer models of anatomical structures, and cross-sectional views along any arbitrary orientations. The app enables the users to measure distances and angles between different anatomical locations, annotate different anatomical landmarks and regions of interest, import and check implant model fitment of the native anatomy, and import and visualise corrected anatomies superimposed on native defective anatomies.


SCIPP (Steroviz Comprehensive Image Processing Platform) is an image segmentation and 3D reconstruction platform for medical images designed and developed by Steroviz Pixels—the users. SCIPP has a host of computer vision-based heuristic algorithms that enable efficient and accurate extraction of the anatomical structures of interest from the voluminous medical images, and generation of 3D reconstructed computer models of interest, which can be further utilize for digital surgical planning in Enhance. 

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Patient specific Implants and instruments (PSI)

Steroviz has expertise in design and development of patient-specific implants and instruments (PSIs) for craniomaxillofacial, neurological, neurological and orthopedic surgeries, as per requirements. Patient-specific implants are tailor-made to individual patient’s anatomy. Steroviz’s proprietary medical image analyses suits generate the 3D computer models of the required anatomical structures, which serve the basis of PSI designs. Steroviz has developed an extensive digital libraries of PSIs from which the PSIs are manufactured using metal additive manufacturing technologies using medical grade titanium and stainless steel alloys, and delivered to the hospitals/ clinical centers in sterile conditions.

Printed Anatomical Models

Steroviz provides cost effective and precise 3D anatomical models, based on the 3D reconstructed models developed using its proprietary apps to the clinicians and surgeons as per their requirement. Anatomical models are used for pre-operative surgical planning or perform mock operation by experts before surgery or explaining the operative procedures to patients.

Patient Specific Cutting Guide

Steroviz designs and delivers 3D printed patient-specific cutting guides for caniomaxilofacial and orthoepdic surgeries based on the 3D computer models of the required anatomical structures generated using its proprietary medical image analyses suits. 3D printed patient specific cutting guides provide a specific cut and achieve resection with negative margins and reduce blood loss and operating time.

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Ortho Surgical Planning

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