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Complete end-to-end solutions for surgical planning

At Steroviz, technology is at the core of our DNA. We extract cutting-edge anatomical information from medical scans for our customers, that empower diagnosis, treatment and research. We are driven to closely collaborate with our customers, understand their needs and provide them unique customized solutions that help them win against their competition.

Our Products

Discover our diverse suite of three specialized apps in medical image processing. Each app caters to distinct diagnostic needs, utilizing advanced algorithms for precise analysis, making our comprehensive solutions indispensable for healthcare professionals seeking excellence in medical imaging.

Medviewer App

MedViewer is a medical image parsing app designed and developed by Steroviz Pixels that is used for efficiently sorting and selecting the intended medical image for further analyses.


A medical imaging application employs advanced image processing algorithms to provide precise analysis of diagnostic images by enhancing the efficiency of medical diagnostics.

Enhance App

AI and computer vision powered digital surgical planning platform designed and developed by us, that is intended to be used to visualise and analyse anatomical information

Our Services

Revolutionizing healthcare, our game-changing medical image processing services employ advanced algorithms for precise diagnostics. With innovation at the core, we enhance accuracy and efficiency, empowering medical professionals with transformative solutions for improved patient care.

Digital Surgical Planning

Ituses medical images for in silico planning of the steps involved in surgery to achieve better surgical outcomes, with improved accuracy, reduced surgical time.

Anatomical Models

It provides cost effective and precise 3D anatomical models, using its proprietary apps to the clinicians and surgeons as per their requirement

Patient-specific implant

Steroviz has expertise in design and development of patient-specific  instruments (PSIs) for craniomaxillofacial, neurological and orthopedic surgeries.

Patient-specific surgical guides

Steroviz designs and delivers 3D printed patient-specific cutting guides for caniomaxilofacial and orthoepdic surgeries based on the 3D computer models


Choose our equipments for it's unparalleled precision, reliability, and innovative features that empower them to achieve exceptional results with confidence.


We ensure precise medical image processing for accurate diagnostics.


Our application guarantees accuracy in 3D recon results.


Our use of AI offers versatility in handling diverse anatomy.


Our application offers customization for specific clinical needs.



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Discover your future in medical technology with us! Explore career opportunities on our company's career page. From innovative research to impactful manufacturing, join our team in advancing healthcare technologies and making a difference in patients' lives.

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Complete end-to-end solutions for surgical planning